3,000-year-old footprint found in Van

26/09/2018 23:24

3,000-year-old footprint found in Van

An ancient human footprint from the Iron Age kingdom of Van (also known as Urartu / Ararat) was recently discovered at a castle in the historic Armenian city of Van (today part of Turkey).

The footprint, measuring some 26 centimeters long and fitting a modern shoe size of 36, was found at Van Castle and belonged to a noble Anadolu Agency reports. The footprint is attributed to an adult women at a location where the nobles would live.

“At first we thought it belonged to a child, but as a result of an anthropologist’s preliminary examination, it turned out to be an adult woman of about the age of 30.”

Erkan Konyar, an ancient history professor at Istanbul University of History told the press.

Pointing out that in ancient Mesopotamia women were probably involved in mud brick production, Konyar concluded:

“This can actually be perceived as a trace left by a laboring woman during the Urartu period, a trail that has been left behind in the traditional mudbrick production… We decided to put it on display at the Van Museum in talks with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and now everyone in the Van Museum will be able to see the 3,000-year-old footprint that will create different emotions in many people."





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